Treasures is a story about admiration, affection for Ancient Greatness. The Epic History of Ancient Egyptians, the Pharaohs, leaving an empire of incredible and breathtaking monuments the world will keep talking about for years to come.

We (The Core – Visit Us here) took upon ourselves to create an elegant experience that is trustworthy for showcasing the incredible stories, monuments, scenes, legacy, stories, and Epic History. Come with us, join the millions… the Journey starts here.

It all Start with a Trip to the Land of the Pharaohs!

In the beginning, there was the sun, and the sun grazed upon the land and chose it from among the others, and the land grew and became an empire, destined to be the cradle of civilization, and known as the mother of the world…

The land of legend and mystery! The story to tell! The world to live, the gift of the Nile, guardian of the past, capturing the hearts of people all over the world.

Get inspired to create your own story, where it all begins… EGYPT… TREASURES!!.